TQSKY T1 AR Audiovisual Glasses

$499.00 $599.00

TQSKY T1 AR Audiovisual Glasses, enjoy the future of AR at your fingertips.It is a portable personal cinema that plays on its 150” HD screen anything from your smartphone and other electronic devices, likes Drone, Switch and so on.

Note:Exquisitely integrated with excellent compatibility with iPhone 15 series. There is no need to use a T-Box to connect, instantly connect to iPhone 15 series, freeing your hands to present everything in your exclusive private world and providing an unparalleled immersive experience.

Key Features

Ultra-high-definition vision: Supports dual 1920x1080 full-HD displays, with more vivid colors and more brilliant vision, without any distortion or chromatic aberration.

High-quality: HD on-the-go screen, appreciate your private theater anytime. Senseless nose rest for comfortable and stress-free wear. Enjoy the big screen experience on the go!

Hi-Res sound quality: Obtained the only Hi-Res sound quality certification, which provides a more immersive and realistic music experience through the acoustic team's calibration in terms of layering, space, bass and clarity. Achieve truly immersive entertainment.

High compatibility:cell phone/drone/game console/iPad can be connected. It can be seamlessly integrated with the iPhone 15 series, elevating your iPhone 15 series experience to a whole new level and adding more possibilities and fun to your life.

High privacy: No sound amplification, no screen disturbance. Streaming coated lens, one-way light transmission, no need to worry about the screen reveals. Concentrated sound is not easy to diffuse, do not disturb the bystanders.

Colorful Colors:Fashionable pieces with colorful options. Rimless and streamlined lenses with luxury-grade materials provide outstanding comfort. Four different colors for you to choose, let you show your confidence in different occasions and make your every day more colorful.

Product description

Appearance: Sunglasses
Weight: 79g
Resolution: Monocular 1920 x 1080
Pixel PPI: 3500
Brightness: 1800 nits
Screen refresh rate: 60Hz
Response time: 1ms
Field of view: 43°
Myopia adjustment: 0~600°
Audio: Stereo full-range speakers
Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 100dB
Power: single ear 0.8W
Link method: Type-C, USB 2.0, HDMI (transfer)

Package Included:
1. T1 Smart Glasses
2. Travel Case
3. TQ Shelter(The black lens)
4. T-Box
5. Cleaning Cloth
6. Type C Cable
7. Fashionable Glasses Lens(Selected)
8. User Manual